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Press Brake Tooling

We supply Press Brake Tooling from the Worlds Leading Press Brake Manufacturer and their reputation for the high precision and quality enables them to export more than 90% of their turnover

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The factory covers 5000sq metres and accomodates a highly experienced workforce.

The initial phase of manufacture is by traditional and CNC milling machines to achieve a high degree of precision

Tools can be put through our induction hardening process at 52/60 HRC on working surface. We have the capability manufacture milled, induction hardened and ground tools up to 8100mm in one piece

Because of our high precision manufacturing process with modern CNC grinding we are able to supply perfectly interchangeable tools and we guarantee accuracy of 0.01mm - 0.02mm

The dimensions of all our tools are carefully checked before they are packed and stored ready for delivery

We carry a large stock of new standard Eurostyle tooling for Next Day delivery

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